checking for db_create in RH9

Francesc Guasch Ortiz frankie at
Mon Feb 9 12:51:43 EST 2004

Edward Rudd wrote:

> Try looking at the config.log file in the cyrus-imapd source directory
> (where the configure script is) and see what the error message it has
> when it checks for db_create. then post that to the mailing list..

Yes !
Now I see what failed. It was the pthread RedHat thingy. I found
the error in the config.log and I found the solution in the
mailing list archives. I had to do export LDFLAGS="-lpthread"
before configuring db4.

I tried to add this to db4.spec :

LDFLAGS="-lpthread"; export LDFLAGS

but it didn't make it, then I tried export LDFLAGS="-lpthread"
then rpmbuild db4 and it worked. Right now I have a cyrus rpm
just compiled.

Thank you everybody for your help.

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