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Thu Feb 5 18:46:09 EST 2004

Use the sieveshell utility to manage sieve scripts. Sieveshell is a
client/server app to upload, list, retrieve, delete, activate and
deactivate sieve scripts.


El vie, 06-02-2004 a las 00:15, Jim Archer escribió:
> Hi All...
> I am trying to figure out how to get Sieve to work with Cyrus 2.1 on a 
> Debian Linux system.  I have looked for some docs, but no luck.
> I see there is a place for the scripts at:
> /var/spool/sieve/
> And I put a script called jarcher in the j subdirectory.  But as far as I 
> can tell, Cyrus does not know it is there.  I am guessing there is a naming 
> convention I am not aware of.
> Could someone please point me to some docs, or else just tell me what I 
> need to do to get the scripts read?
> Thanks very much...
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