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Jim Archer jim at
Fri Feb 6 09:53:01 EST 2004

Hi Lars...

This morning, before I had a chance to try that, we transitioned sieveshell 
to use PAM.  As soon as we did that, I got it to work fine.  Still, I did 
the grep you suggested against the sleepycat db, and my username came out 
as jarcher at carbon instead of jarcher.  So I am betting that was the problem.

I can now put scripts in place and activate and deactivate them with 

Thanks very much to you and Alberto for your help!


--On Friday, February 06, 2004 2:37 PM +0100 Lars Kristiansen 
<lars+lister.cyrus at> wrote:

> if you use sasldb this might help:
> sasldblistusers2|grep jarcher
> man sieveshell
> use everything, all options
>  in this case realm is what is after the '@' in sasldb.
>> --On Friday, February 06, 2004 10:50 AM +0100 Alberto Tablado
>> <alberto at> wrote:
>>> You're trying to authenticate as jillian (using jillian's authtok) and
>>> the authorizing as jarcher (possibly bcz you want to change jarcher's
>>> sieve scripts). To achieve this, you have to use a mechanism that
>>> supports proxying.
>> Actually, I gave you the wrong sample paste, sorry.  Here is what is
>> happening:
>> carbon:/home/jim# sieveshell --user=jarcher localhost
>> connecting to localhost
>> Please enter your password:
>> Please enter your password:
>> Please enter your password:
>> Please enter your password:
>> unable to connect to server at /usr/bin/sieveshell line 174, <STDIN> line
>> 4.
>> I am sure I am typing my password correctly.  Any ideas?
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