Terrible performance and Upgrade

Matthew baker m at wheres.co.uk
Tue Feb 17 06:52:49 EST 2004

	After a long bout of unrelated issues I have had a chance to revisit my 
cyrus issues. I managed to reduce startup times by increasing the 
frequency of checkpoints in cyrus.conf. I have installed pam_mysql 0.5 
and recompiled sasl with a few options random being one and removed 
unwanted mechs and libs. Saslauthd still leaks but not as much as it 
did. Process grows to about 50mb over a day as opposed to 500m in an 
hour! I can live with that.

However, no tweaks to cyrus, auth mechs or mysql have helped login 
speeds. It turned out in the end to be the Redhat firewall config. I set 
it to "high" on installation and had simply been adding ports to the 
ACCEPT chain. The server is already protected by another firewall so i 
just turned it off. Now connections are blinding! =]

Anyways.. thanks for all your help.


Rob Siemborski wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, Matthew Baker wrote:
>>Problem 1.
>>Saslauthd gradually grows in memory size until the login process grinds
>>to a halt. I have set it to restart once an hour to clear it. I have
>>tried setting the option -n0 to force a child for each auth request but
>>that seem to create numerous connections to the database which would
>>exceed the max connections variable. I now am thinking that to use
>>auxprop mysql plugin might be a better route. I currently have 183
>>mysqld processes running, this can't be right.
> If you are using PAM with saslauthd, you need to be very sure that
> whatever PAM module you are using doesn't have any memory leaks, otherwise
> you'll become very sad very quickly.
>>It takes between 7 and 15 seconds to login into any mailbox even if it's
>>empty. Regardless of client or OS. Also it takes about 5 minutes after a
>>  restart before the deliver.db is ready and logins start. My old PII
>>400 I was using before was faster!
> What part is taking the time?  Long login times are often caused by
> insufficient entropy in the system.
> -Rob
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