Strange account [maybe corrupted]

Felix Cuello felix at
Mon Feb 9 09:45:31 EST 2004


   We are using cyrus-imapd-2.1.9 [compiled by hand]  in a 
   redhat box [Linux 2.4.20-20.7smp].

   We have a really strange error with a Cyrus account and i'm sending
   the steps because i don't understand where is the problem:

   $ cyradm localhost
   IMAP Password:
# user.imnotauser [is not an account]
   localhost> lm user.imnotauser
# user.fcuell [is MY account ;-) ]
   localhost> lm user.fcuell
   user.fcuell (\NonExistent \Noselect \HasChildren)
   localhost> dm user.fcuell
   deletemailbox: Mailbox does not exist

   thanks for your help,


Felix Cuello
felix at
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