ACL usage revisted (need feedback)

Pat Lashley patl+cyrus at
Tue Feb 10 16:07:09 EST 2004

--On Monday, February 09, 2004 17:18:39 -0800 Jason Williams <jwilliams at> wrote:

> About a week ago, I started a thread explaining my attempts to
> use ACL's on shared folders and bulletin boards using Postfix.
> I explained in the thread that I could not get ACL's to work
> correctly with specfic users. It was then pointed out to me
> that the problem was in the MTA itself, Postfix. Postfix does
> not pass off the credentials to the lmptd process (and does not
> send AUTH either) and this was the pitfall to getting ACL's to
> work correctly.

> I verified this by posting to the Postfix mailing list and even
> received a reply from the developer of Wietse stating what was
> already said to me on the cyrus mailing list. The only MTA that
> I found out that would be able to do this is Sendmail.

I share your manager's concern about using Sendmail; but are you
certain that this can't be done with Exim ?  (

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