ldap/cyrus server

Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 10 04:06:38 EST 2004

>>Something explaining how to simulate an Exchange-like server.
>Difficult; how do you plan to handle calendar data etc? With what MUA? I
>think there are groupware servers around to do this (Bynari?
>OpenGroupware? Others?) but haven't done much with them. I guess it
>depends on what Exchange-like functions you need, and what clients
>you're using.

I recommend the kolab-server which was designed to replace Exchange.
The project is still relatively young but it is free and I am satisfied 
with it. It's VERY easy to install /maintain and the KDE 3.2 comes with 
a prerelease of "Kontact" which is a nice Client-Software for that server.
Give it a try.   :-)

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