serious over quota problem

David R Bosso dbosso+lists.cyrus at
Wed Feb 11 11:21:00 EST 2004


Cyrus IMAP uses a 32bit int to store quota in bytes internally, this causes 
problems with large quotas.  While the bug says 2GB, from what I saw in the 
code a while back it's an unsigned long which should max out at 4GB.

Can one of the developers clarify 2/4GB as the maximum?


--On Tuesday, February 10, 2004 4:36 PM -0800 Joao Pedras 
<jpedras at> wrote:

> Hello Ken,
> Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Joao Pedras wrote:
>>> Hi all!
>>> I have this user's box which is NOT over quota but Cyrus insists on
>>> saying that it is to sendmail. Also
>>> I am not able to drag messages into it.
>>> I have ran 'reconstruct' on the the folder with '-r -f' and 'cyrquota
>>> -f' also. I have increased/decreased the quota...
>>> The problem does not go away.
>>> Could someone please provide some insight on this issue?
>> How do you know for a fact that the user is not over quota?
> Well... the a 'du' on the filesystem shows the usage around 2Gb. The
> quota root was
> set to 5,000,000. Plus 'cyrquota' would report around 40% usage which
> agrees with
> the number I just gave you.
>> Keep in mind that a quotaroot includes ALL submailboxes.
> And that is the reason why I check 'du' on filesystem folder.
>>   Are there \Deleted messages which have not been expunged?
> Not quite sure. Wouldn't these count?
>>   Is the MUA using a Trash folder?
> In the user's inbox? Yes, but that one is empty. Wouldn't that also add
> up to the
> quota root?
> Two additional details:
> 1) it's cyrus 2.0.17
> 2)  I attempted to set the quota to 50,000,000 and the problem went away.
> With that
> quota value the usage is down to 4%.
> Thanks Ken!!!
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