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Wed Feb 11 14:51:40 EST 2004


I cant autenticate to my imap... and found this mail...
> Meantime I found the source of the problem.
> Before I had started with src.rpm version I tried to install from
> A residue of this attempt was lmtpd deamon still running.
> To make long story short; postfix used one socket, cyrus listening an
> and all configuration files were pointing to new socket (of course).
> How to detect ?
> lsof -U|grep cyrus
> cyrus-master and lmtpd should point to the same location.

Anyone can explain please??? If I use the command lsof...

master    1652    root   71u  unix 0xf793c080       1918
master    1652    root   74u  unix 0xf7941080       1922 private/cyrus
master    2792   cyrus    5u  unix 0xc3ab7a80      16864 socket
master    2792   cyrus   22u  unix 0xf3ebe080      16888

it really necessary that third line and fourth point to same location?
If answer is yes... how?

Thanks in advance...


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On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Igor Brezac wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Shelley Waltz wrote:
> > I am interested in knowing the difference and/or advantages
> > of the ways one can use ldap authentication with sasl.
> >
> > One way is to use saslauthd -a ldap, which uses the auth_ldap
> > module for saslauthd.
> >
> > Another way is to use saslauthd -a pam and then specify ldap
> > as the auth mechanism in the various pam.d services such as
> > smtp or imap.
> >
> saslauthd/ldap combination will give you better performance and in
> it is more stable.  Some pam implementations/modules leak memory.

  And without PAM it's one less layer to debug.  And you will be
debugging.  Cyrus IMAP and SASL are great, but they are not simple.
As always, Occam's Razor is a handy tool.  If you don't have a clear
for PAM integration with SASL, eliminate it.

  Good luck.
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