Outlook problems with long UIDL's

Gregor Bruhin gregor.bruhin at netoxygen.ch
Fri Feb 13 03:54:08 EST 2004

> Hi,
> Cusomers complained that when they activate the option "leave mails on  
> server" (using POP3) in outlook they get some mails multiple times.
> It seems to be a known problem  
> (http://www.mail-archive.com/info-cyrus@lists.andrew.cmu.edu/ 
> msg13766.html).
> I'm trying to debug that and am in contact with the outlook product  
> manager.
> I got following answer: "We handle up to 70 characters in POP3, which  
> is the maximum allowed by the RFC."
> I am now unable to reproduce the problem at least with recent versions  
> of outlook !
> Has someone here still this problem ? If yes with which version of  
> outlook/outlook express ?
> Thanks, Greg

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