Outlook problems with long UIDL's

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at linuxquebec.com
Fri Feb 13 09:02:17 EST 2004


Glad to hear we are not the only one at last.  Welcome to the wonderful 
world of proprietary software support, where finger pointing and denial 
is an accepted way around bug :)

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 09:54:08AM +0100, Gregor Bruhin wrote:
> > Cusomers complained that when they activate the option "leave mails on  
> > server" (using POP3) in outlook they get some mails multiple times.
> > It seems to be a known problem  
> > (http://www.mail-archive.com/info-cyrus@lists.andrew.cmu.edu/ 
> > msg13766.html).
> >
> > I'm trying to debug that and am in contact with the outlook product  
> > manager.

Good luck.  My client who experienced the problem, even if they are
paying *very* good money for Gold-level support, basically got told that
the UIDL "was not random enough ...".  I was not directly in contact
with Microsoft engineer, but I got their answer forwared to me.  It was

> > I got following answer: "We handle up to 70 characters in POP3, which  
> > is the maximum allowed by the RFC."

Indeed.  UIDL at the site I am responsible for are in the range of 10 to
15 characters.  Even then, Outlook 2k2 choke when a mailbox contain UIDL 
of varying length.

> > I am now unable to reproduce the problem at least with recent versions  
> > of outlook !

They fixed it!  Great!  Which Service Pack / Hotfix ?

> > Has someone here still this problem ? If yes with which version of  
> > outlook/outlook express ?

I'll have to check with my client, but all the problematic client had
been migrated to IMAP instead of waiting for this issue to resolve 
(which the correct solution, BTW).  They may not be aware of the current 
status of this issue, and probably don't care either.

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