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Dwight Tovey dwight at
Mon Feb 16 18:29:56 EST 2004

Lindner said:
> Cyrus is logging everything to local6 syslog facility. You could
> reconfigure your syslogd: "local6.*  /var/log/imapd.log". While keeping
> on eye on /var/log/imapd.log, you should have a look at /var/log/mail as
> well.

Actually, this brings up something that I've been meaning to look into,
but haven't gotten around to yet.

I installed Cyrus on my RedHat 7.3 box using Simon Matter's source RPMs. 
I have syslog configured as above for local6.*.  However, I don't see
anything being logged to imapd.log.  Instead everything is going into

Simon: did you modify the code to use the mail facility instead of local6?
 Or was it a build configuration option that I missed?

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