IMSP and Digest-MD5

Cyrus Daboo daboo at
Tue Feb 17 11:05:14 EST 2004

Hi William,

--On Tuesday, February 17, 2004 10:52 AM -0500 "William K. Hardeman" 
<wont-i at> wrote:

| I do have DIGEST-MD5 working with IMAP. Actually, in the 3 years I've
| been using both Cyrus IMAP and Cyrus IMSP, I've always been able to use
| DIGEST-MD5 on the IMAP connections and never on the IMSP connections.
| IMAP connection with DIGEST-MD5 from the logs:
| Feb 17 10:49:26 mail imap[17487]: login:
| [] wont-i at DIGEST-MD5 User logged in
| The error I'm seeing in messages when I try using DIGEST-MD5 is:
| Feb 17 10:44:21 mail imsp[17643]: bad digest-uri: doesn't match service
| Feb 17 10:44:21 mail imsp[17643]: badlogin: - digest-md5
| authentication failure

OK - I think I see the problem. The DIGEST mechanism requires a 'service 
name' parameter. For IMAP that is 'imap'. We have been using 'imsp' for 
IMSP, however CMU uses 'imap' as the service name for IMSP. GSSAPI also 
uses a service name and there we do use 'imap' for IMSP. I need to change 
our digest plugin to use 'imap' then it should work. I will work on fixing 
that for our next update.

Cyrus Daboo

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