Invalid mailbox name?

Mike O'Rourke mjoop at
Tue Feb 17 17:04:16 EST 2004

>>> "trichard" <trichard at> 02/17/04 10:18pm >>>
>I feel like I am getting pretty close to having this work.  I've been
>stuck for awhile on this one issue and I cannot find documentation to
>troubleshoot mailboxes and mail client access properly.
>I can authenticate to the server using a mail client now.  However,
>trying to read the inbox it fails with the following message:
>"The current command did not succeed.  The mail server responded:
>mailbox name."
>I feel I am missing something minor because the mailbox was created:
>[root at post test]# pwd
>[root at post test]# ls -latr
>total 20
>-rw-------    1 cyrus    mail           76 Feb 17 09:16 cyrus.index
>-rw-------    1 cyrus    mail            4 Feb 17 09:16 cyrus.cache
>drwx------    3 cyrus    mail         4096 Feb 17 09:16 ..
>-rw-------    1 cyrus    mail          159 Feb 17 09:16 cyrus.header
>drwx------    2 cyrus    mail         4096 Feb 17 10:15 .
>[root at post test]# cyradm -u cyrus -s post
>> lm
>user.test (\HasNoChildren)
>> sasldblistusers2
>test at userPassword
>cyrus at userPassword
>What am I doing wrong?  Maybe some setting in the client perhaps?

Hi t,

What is unixhierarchysep set to in /etc/imapd.conf? I assume that you
are not using virutal domains. What version of cyrus-imapd are you

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