Is it chroot jail or proxymap, or what?

Cristian Mitrana cmitrana at
Wed Feb 18 09:03:59 EST 2004

Anders Norrbring wrote:
> I'm getting really annoyed by this thing now..  Perhaps the best thing would be to run a
> completely self-made setup?
> And in my mail.log I get this:
>   Feb 18 14:09:13 hulda postfix/smtpd[1043]: fatal: SASL per-connection security setup
>   Feb 18 14:09:14 hulda postfix/master[895]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd
>     pid 1043 exit status 1
>   Feb 18 14:09:14 hulda postfix/master[895]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd: bad
>     command startup -- throttling
This clearly indicated a configuration problem on the postfix side. 
Check your
for spelling errors. If your run postfix chroot-ed make sure you have 
the necessary
file copied (including smtpd.conf). Start smtpd with -v (see 
master.conf) and watch the logs.

Please direct your future postings to cyrus-sasl and/or postfix-users, 
since this is
not a bit related to cyrus-imapd.

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