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Am Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2004 16:09 schrieb Christopher Paluch:
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> Again I ask, when I read "Configuring Virtual Domains" it says I don't have
> to specify multiple IP addresses.  Is that correct or do I have to do that
> to get this to work?
> Thanks,
>      Chris Paluch

Virtual domain support does not require multiple IP addresses. Does sendmail 
reach to lmtpd and thus is lmtpd rejecting with "User unknown" or is it 
sendmail not talking lmtp ? What do telemetry logs say for lmtpd ? What 
happens in the output of sendmail started with -X ?

man sendmail:

-X logfile
              Log all traffic in and out of mailers in the indicated log file.
              This  should  only be used as a last resort for debugging mailer
              bugs.  It will log a lot of data very quickly.

And from cyrus' overview.html:

 "log" Directory
   The subdirectory "log" under the configuration directory permits
   administrators to keep protocol telemetry logs on a per-user basis.
   If a subdirectory of "log" exists with the same name as a user, the
   IMAP and POP3 servers will keep a telemetry log of protocol sessions
   authenticating as that user. The telemetry log is stored in the
   subdirectory with a filename of the server process-id and starts with
   the first command following authentication.


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