Fw: Re: Virtual domains, user@domain.com: Mailbox unknown

Christopher Paluch cpaluch at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 19 14:38:48 EST 2004

@$#%?!   I thought I was running the latest version of Cyrus.  I am a doofus.

Let me install the 2.2.3 version and see what happens.  

I will send out an update in a day or two on the results of this.

Thanks everyone.

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>05420 >>> 221 2.0.0 server.adomain.com closing connection
>05422 <<< 220 server.adomain.com LMTP Cyrus v2.1.16 ready

This might give us a valuable clue. Virtual domain support is _only_ in
2.2.x; however, this still does not explain why sendmail is not sending
the full address along!

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