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Andrzej Filip wrote:
> Mike O'Rourke wrote:
> [...]
> For sending mail to unix users, you might take a look at Andrzej's page
> that he mentioned in a post yesterday:
> Andrzej [en:Andrew] Adam Filip:
> "I promote a few alternative ways of cyrus and sendmail integration,
> all of them use local mailer for some users and curys||cyrusv2 for other
> [ e.g. ]"
> I had a look at it, and it looks slick. Although the examples seem to
> presume that your default local mailer is "local" rather than "cyrusv2",
> it might be able to be used in the reverse sense -- i.e. your default
> local mailer is cyrusv2, and you put in the localtable something like:
> [...]

I would like to (once again) present three alternative ways of sendmail & 
cyrus integration
1) Cyrus Aliases
2) Local Table
3) Real Time Integration

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1) Cyrus Aliases

It allows to select delivery to cyrus in aliases, virtusertable or ~/.forward 
file, or to select local mailer if cyrus is used as default "local" mailer [as 
Mike suggested]

1A) aliases (sendmail configuration file):
user1:	user1 at CYRUSV2, \user1, userx at
user2:	user2 at CYRUSV2

1B) virtusertable (sendmail configuration file):
# deliver messages to all mailboxes in to cyrus mailer
#	%1 at CYRUSV2
# redirect one use to cyrus mailbox
user1 at	%1 at CYRUSV2
# deliver messages to "valid" mailboxes in to cyrus
# reject remaining addresses in
userx at	userx at CYRUSV2
usery at	usery at CYRUSV2	error:nouser User unknown

1C) ~login/.forward file:
login at CYRUSV2
somebody at

The above .forward file will make sendmail deliver message to cyrus mailbox, 
system mailbox, and mailbox on another host

* Localtable and Cyrus Aliases can be used together.
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2) Local Table

It allows to select local or cyrus mailer alter aliases and ~/.forward expansion.

It allows postmaster to set delivery to cyrus mailbox for give OS account but 
user can "override" it in his/her ~/.forward file

Postmaster can use special script to generate periodically localtable based on 
existing cyrus mailboxes

* Localtable and Cyrus Aliases can be used together.
* Method 3 check cyrus mailbox presence in "real time"
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3) Real Time Cyrus Integration

It requires patching sendmail sources but allows sendmail to check existence 
of cyrus mailbox in "real time"

* Method 2 can use periodically generated list on valid cyrus mailboxes
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Feel free to send me your comments and questions.

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