deleting messages manually from the mailstore

Joe Hrbek jhrbek-cyrus at
Fri Feb 20 19:44:53 EST 2004

Hi,  I had a bit of a bad morning today.  Long story short, our virus
scanner stopped working and about 150 virus emails were delivered to the
cyrus mailstore.  This was scattered through about 50 mailboxes.  I quickly
realized what was happening and fixed the scanner, but the problem of the
infected, delivered emails still remained.

Not wanting anyone to download these, I deleted them using a command line
virus scanner :)  That worked well.  Cyrus is running fine, it still works,
but I have some weird problems now.  I expected that this would be the
consequence of my decision, but I did it nonetheless, choosing this as the
lesser evil.  Anyway, in the mailboxes that had messages deleted, the users
get a weird message listing.  If they use IMAP, a headerless email shows up,
or nearly headerless.  It's empty except for the size and this size is
whatever the attachment size was.  Now I can delete these just fine through
IMAP (pop3 just complains it couldn't download x number of messages, but
still gets the rest), but even with an empty mailbox, the quota is still
used up a bit.  An empty mailbox used to show zero utilization, but on the
affected mailboxes, even after removal of the messages through the virus
scanner and the imap protocol, the utilization is 1% or 2%.

I thought well, the indexes are messed up, so I did a reconstruct -r on a
few of the mailboxes suffering with this problem, and still no dice.

My question:  What would cause cyrus to report an invalid quota utilization?
(on an empty mailbox).

There must be something I have missed....



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