lmtp auth woes with exim, affixes etc

TN tnuro at yahoo.com.au
Mon Feb 23 01:45:17 EST 2004

Hi all,

This is a bit of exim & cyrus together, but I think its more appropriate 
to be in the cyrus list since its mainly cyrus problems.

I've been battling these 2 problems for awhile, and my setup seems to 
not work how the read docs suggest.

I have an exim 4.30, cyrus 2.2.3 combination. I have successfully setup 
virtual domains, with authentication via ldap. The transport is 
smtp/lmtp between exim & cyrus.

I wish to use the suffix feature of cyrus, and I have a couple of problems:
a) I don't understand when pre-auth with lmtpd should be used. 
Currently, the only way I've been able to get exim to deliver 
successfully to cyrus is when I've used "lmtpd -a" in cyrus.conf so I 
just use it without really knowing what its doing.

Without it, I get deferred email forever as a debug from exim shows:
29864   == tnuro at mydomain.com R=local_user_cyrus T=local_delivery_cyrus 
defer (0): SMTP error from remote mailer after MAIL 
FROM:<tnuro at yahoo.com> SIZE=1785: host localhost []: 430 
Authentication required

So authentication is failing. How are you supposed to auth ? With -a 
like I have or some other way ?

My biggest problem is:
b) when I am using "lmtpd -a", everything works except delivery into sub 
folders with suffix addressing. I always have to create an ACL to allow 
posting by anyone, which works. I've read in many places that if I 
assign the recipient local part to authenticated_sender in exim, then 
this will allow posting by anyone without the need for the acl's. I 
can't get this to work, the mail always lands in inbox so I always need 
the acl in place for mail to go to sub folders. As a matter of fact, 
I've never seen authenticated_sender have any effect on anything I've done.

here's my transport (sorry about this being exim stuff, but its all 
intertwined with cyrus)

  driver = smtp
  protocol = lmtp
  authenticated_sender = $local_part@$domain
  debug_print = "T: ***** local_delivery_cyrus 
  hosts = localhost

I've got authenticated_sender getting assigned the recipient username, 
and since all my recipients are virtual domains, the usernames are all 
like "tnuro at mydomain.com". The ldap authentication I have is working 
correctly for both smtp and imap with these usernames, so I don't 
believe its an ldap problem.
I've checked debug output from exim and it's all as expected (ie. 
local_part, local_part_suffix & $domain are all correct)

I suspect that both of my problems here are related, but if anyone can 
point me in the right direction that would be great. I'm so close to 
finishing this thing, the suffixing is the only thing left really.


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