mmap errors on GPFS SAN

Prentice Bisbal prentice at
Mon Feb 23 11:04:55 EST 2004

I'm using the unified-imap branch of the source to share my mail spool 
with several systems on an IBM GPFS SAN.

When I create a mailbox in Cyradm, the following happens:

localhost.localdomain> cm user.test2
localhost.localdomain> lm


On the mupdate master, I can see the mailboxes:> lm
user.prentice (\Noselect \HasNoChildren)
user.test (\Noselect \HasNoChildren)
user.test2 (\Noselect \HasNoChildren)>

The log file on the mupdate client shows the following

pdb-mail-2 imap[22581]: IOERROR: mapping header file for user.test2: 
Invalid argument
Feb 23 11:00:10 pdb-mail-2 imap[22581]: Fatal error: failed to mmap 
header file
Feb 23 11:00:10 pdb-mail-2 master[22570]: process 22581 exited, status 75
Feb 23 11:00:10 pdb-mail-2 master[22570]: service imap pid 22581 in BUSY 
state: terminated abnormally

Is this a problem with GPFS, or is something wrong with my config file?


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