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Fredrik Petersson fredde at
Wed Feb 25 03:46:24 EST 2004

For me it was simple, I know how mysql works and read somewhere that is it
easier to config mysql than ldap. :)
But, right now nothing works. :/

When i followed the howto it told me to compile cyrus-sasl from a tarball
okey, but my system has sasl installed with rpm, ok i ending up with:

valium:# saslauthd -v     
saslauthd 2.1.12
authentication mechanisms: getpwent kerberos5 pam rimap shadow

valium:# /usr/local/sbin/saslauthd -v
saslauthd 2.1.17
authentication mechanisms: getpwent rimap shadow

So it looks to me i got two installations of sasl one with pam one without
even though I compiled cyrus-sasl with:
--with-pam=/lib/security \

This feels to my that the system is really bad, i guess it is the same thing
with OpenSSL and cyrus-imap. 
I have struggled with this for two days now and thinking about throw it out
of the window :)

So any help about what software and how to install it would be nice. 
A got a tip about gentoo which i am looking at. 
Someone told med Simons RH rpms works really nice on RH so iam planning to
give it a shot.

But, i feels that i am in the lack of knowledge and information, i only find
very thin howtos, when something goes wrong, im stuck with it. 

So what i look for is someone who has a running mailserver system who will
share some information about which software and how to build it, and maybe i
can ask you some questions during the installation/configuration progress,
okey? Mail me offlist if you feel this is off topic! :)

Right nog i have a clean installed SuSE8.2 (for the nineth time) with,
openssl, cyrus-imap, cyrus-sasl, postfix, mysql from SuSE rpms. 
Where do i go from here? How do i test that cyrus-asal is working? How do i
use it together with postfix?
Just a point in right direction or to a webpage would be nice!

But it is really no problem to change to RH instead.

Thanx for your time!


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Från: Craig Ringer [mailto:craig at] 
Skickat: den 25 februari 2004 04:39
Till: Fredrik Petersson
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Ämne: Re: Getting started

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 00:07, Fredrik Petersson wrote:

> I have struggled hard to get a postfix-cyrus-mysql system run on a 
> SuSE 8.2 dist.

Out of curiosity, why MySQL? There seem to be a _lot_ of people trying to
use Cyrus with MySQL, but I haven't seen any mention of why MySQL is a
particularly desirable choice for authentication.

Then again, I use LDAP for authentication myself - so I can certainly see
why there would be a desire for /some/ sort of shared, network capable
authentication scheme.

I'd be really interested in why you or others have chosen MySQL as your
authentication back-end.

Craig Ringer

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