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Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Wed Feb 25 13:48:31 EST 2004

On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 02:59:01PM -0400, Cesar Lagarrigue wrote:
> >   1. noatime
> how configure this ?

In /etc/fstab, specify the "noatime" option for the partition on which
your mailspool reside.
> >   2. no "sync mounts" or "sync attributes" anywhere. Use a proper fs
> >    instead.
> i use ext3, how make this ?

This is a mount option too that you can specify in /etc/fstab.  The sync
attribute could also be set with chattr(1).

Point 3 I know nothing about.

> >  4. A properly configured Berkeley DB environment (although for some
> >      reason, Cyrus seems to actually survive well without any config,
> >      maybe the CMU crew override the defaults with something sane in
> >      the bdb backend code. If you try the same with OpenLDAP, your 
> server
> >      will die an horrible death).
> how configure this ? is a conf or compile something ? i have a default 
> cyrus with virtual users, and ldap with a backend 

This is something I would *love* to hear about because I am suffering
from database corruption myself.  I guess the Sleepy Cat documentation
could be a good place to look, but where does a total db3 newbie start ? 

> >   5. Use skiplist as the backend for the mailboxes and seen dbs.
> how configure this ? is in the imapd.conf ?

With the 2.1.x serie, this is a ./configure option :
--with-mboxlist-db=skiplist (do "./configure --help for the full list of
configure option).  I * think* this is configurable in /etc/imapd.conf
int he 2.2.x serie.  Am I right ?

BTW, would skiplist be the best mailboxes db on an mupdate master in a
2.1.x Murder ?  


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