SASL not initializing?

J.C. Roberts unknown at
Thu Feb 26 08:05:12 EST 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 20:33:28 -0600, you wrote:

>I downloaded the latest sources (SASL 2.1.17, imapd 2.2.3) from the
>website and tried recompiling, but didn't get significantly further,
>although auth.log is only showing
>Feb 25 20:28:38 schizo imtest[12643]: [ID 702911 auth.notice] Bad
>when running imtest.

Previously, you were getting errors on IPLOCALPORT and IPREMOTEPORT but
not you're just getting IPLOCALPORT... Any chance this is a permission
problem (permissions too loose) or a firewall problem (things getting
blocked that should be open for connections).

Could you post your (current) build options for SASL and IMAPD?

The error you mentioned originally

	imtest -m login
	failure: SASL initialization

is interesting. There's a remote chance the problem is because things
are not being found where they should be (i.e. you can't initalize what
you can't find).

The SASL build option

will put libsasl2{.a .so .la} into the directory stated. The sasl auth
mech plugins will still go into /usr/local/cyrus/lib/sasl2/. -Which may
be confusing. 

You may want to use --with-sasl=/usr/local/cyrus/lib rather than just
--prefix=/usr/local/cyrus so you're certain where things are going. The
same can be done for the SASL auth mech plugins directory

The original build options for SASL you posted would place
into /usr/local/cyrus/lib/ but you told imapd that it should look in
/usr/local/cyrus/ for sasl (--with-sasl=/usr/local/cyrus).

I have not read the imapd source so I'm not sure what the --with-sasl=
option does but I'd bet it's expecting the location of where you put
libsasl2.{a so}. Also, assuming your prefix is /usr/local/cyrus/ and
your libsasl2 is in /usr/local/cyrus/lib/ it's helpful to add the
following links

	ln -s /usr/local/cyrus/lib/sasl2 /usr/lib/sasl
	ln -s /usr/local/cyrus/lib/ \

before compiling anything (impad, sendmail etc) that will use these
libs. Personally, I also build *.so links like the latter for all of the
auth mech plugins in the plugins dir. It's probably overkill but what
the heck.


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