Bertrand Maugain Bertrand.Maugain at
Wed Feb 25 02:14:36 EST 2004

Hi everybody

I'm a newbie with cyrus-imapd2

I installed cyrus-sasl2 with bdb version = 41
and the same for cyrus-imapd2, everythinh is done via the freebsd 5.1 ports.

I managed to launch imapd when moving the script to the /etc/ directory and by enablig cyrus-imapd in rc.conf.

I would like to know which method should I use?: saslauthd or auxprop??
What the diffrence??

After registering users with saslpwd2 -c username , I try cyradm localhost
And I get segmentation fault after the password...

Could someone help me??


PS: I installed postfix and It works fine and I want to do it work with cyrus-imapd
Help is verry welcome

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