deploying cyrus on a cluster filesystem

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Wed Feb 25 14:28:09 EST 2004


I am trying to deploy Cyrus/Postfix/... on a cluster file system, using SLOX.  I take special care in configuring my two node cluster, where the domain is set up as  Then I create and

I have put all the important data directories on top of our cluster file system, such as:


If I have a 2 node cluster (node1 and node2).  I can log into node1 as the administrator and create user1 and user2.  Now I can log in on node1 as user1 and send mail to user2.  Log in on node1 as user2 and I can read this email, so far so good.

Next, I log into node2 as user2.  No problem logging in, this means that my ldap data is availble on the cluster file system.  However, once I log in I am not able to see, send or receive any emails.  However, I am able to see all my shared data and contact information.

Why is this?  Given the fact that /var/spool/imap is on a cluster file system and it is visible from both node1 and node2, shouldn't I be able to see my emails?

Please help.  I do not think I need to use murder if I don't care to have both node1 and node2 simultaneously run the cyrus service.  Do I understand this correctly?  Meaning, I do the following in chronological order:

- 'rccyrus start' on node1
- exchange emails, 
- do a 'rccyrus stop' on node1
- do a 'rccyrus start' on node2
- log in as user1 or user2 and look for emails.

Best Regards,
Moiz Kohari

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