Kevin Williams kwilliams at tarity.com
Tue Aug 10 12:35:02 EDT 2004


> Hi,
> I'm just a beginner with cyrus-imap, working with Suse 9.1 in a small
> network with W2K and OL 2002 and OE 6. Using Google as much as I can
> last few days, but there is not really much docu or HOWTO explaining
> work together cyrus-IMAP <-> Outlook. (What is a INBOX, where and how
> can I store "Sent Items" on the server and so forth...) Has anybody a
> better link collection?
> Thank you
>  Matthias

Don't think of it as integrating Cyrus with Outlook.  You're integrating
a protocol (IMAP OR POP) with Outlook.  All you do when adding the
account (which you have to do for all email accounts) is specify the
correct protocol and point it to your server (i.e. mail.domain.com). 
Outlook's help will
inform you on how to connect to an IMAP or POP server.

Now if you've done that, but are having issues with authentication, then
that's a different issue.

Additionally, you can configure where to store sent items (outlook
defaults to local sent mail folders).  I changed the default and stored
them in my account's sent folder.


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