Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Aug 10 13:31:20 EDT 2004

> Mathias,
>> Hi,
>> I'm just a beginner with cyrus-imap, working with Suse 9.1 in a small
>> network with W2K and OL 2002 and OE 6. Using Google as much as I can
> the
>> last few days, but there is not really much docu or HOWTO explaining
> the
>> work together cyrus-IMAP <-> Outlook. (What is a INBOX, where and how
>> can I store "Sent Items" on the server and so forth...) Has anybody a
>> better link collection?
>> Thank you
>>  Matthias
> Don't think of it as integrating Cyrus with Outlook.  You're integrating
> a protocol (IMAP OR POP) with Outlook.  All you do when adding the
> account (which you have to do for all email accounts) is specify the
> correct protocol and point it to your server (i.e.
> Outlook's help will
> inform you on how to connect to an IMAP or POP server.
> Now if you've done that, but are having issues with authentication, then
> that's a different issue.
> Additionally, you can configure where to store sent items (outlook
> defaults to local sent mail folders).  I changed the default and stored
> them in my account's sent folder.

Which doesn't work if the server uses default namespace. It's an Outlook
feature (called bug for non M$ people). M$ recommends creating a mail rule
to move the mail from local sent folder to the IMAP server.

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