System-wide sieve filter

Nikos Voutsinas nvoutsin at
Wed Aug 4 08:21:52 EDT 2004

Ben Poliakoff wrote:
> * Nikos Voutsinas <nvoutsin at> [040619 06:34]:
>>Also I suppose that a lot of people would like an extended autocreate
>>Inbox patch with an "autocreatesievescript" option.
> Coming in a little late here.  Has anyone tried to extend the autocreate
> patch with this "autocreatesievescript" functionality?  We could
> certainly use it here...

It is our Intention to extend, the autocreate inbox patch with the 
requested functionality. But for the time being no one is working on 
this, at least no one in university of Athens. Nevertheless patches for 
the patch :) and enhancements are always more than welcome.

Nikos Voutsinas
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