Please help with Simon's Cyrus RPMS (2.2.8), SMP, and really slow performance

mgrommet at mgrommet at
Tue Aug 3 01:23:52 EDT 2004

Today, we upgraded the machine to the latest redhat ES 3.0
with kernel Linux 2.4.21-15.ELsmp -- no luck... imtest -z still took 19
seconds to run...  compared to 2-3 seconds on the cheapie machine.

I generated the traces requested, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking
for... Mostly because I don't have any idea what to compare it to...

It generates a ton of output, so instead of putting them in this message,
or attaching them, here are the urls

If anyone has time, I'd appreciate any pointers in the right direction...

> I suggest you run cyrus-imapd with
> strace -f -tt /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cyrus-master
> ot
> ltrace -f -tt /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cyrus-master
> and try to find out what and where it's going slow.
> Simon

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