Please help with Simon's Cyrus RPMS (2.2.8), SMP, and really slow performance

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Aug 3 04:17:49 EDT 2004

> Today, we upgraded the machine to the latest redhat ES 3.0
> with kernel Linux 2.4.21-15.ELsmp -- no luck... imtest -z still took 19
> seconds to run...  compared to 2-3 seconds on the cheapie machine.

Hm, you said SCSI Raid - that can mean alot.
Could you run a good old bonnie on both boxes and compare the numbers?
One thing that comes to mind when I hear such things is a system with disk
write cache disabled. Now, if you have a raid controller without battery
backed cache, your vendor will hopefully disable write cache on the
controller and also disable WCE bit on the drives. That way it will
perform very poorly but be as secure as possible.


> I generated the traces requested, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking
> for... Mostly because I don't have any idea what to compare it to...
> It generates a ton of output, so instead of putting them in this message,
> or attaching them, here are the urls
> If anyone has time, I'd appreciate any pointers in the right direction...
>> I suggest you run cyrus-imapd with
>> strace -f -tt /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cyrus-master
>> ot
>> ltrace -f -tt /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cyrus-master
>> and try to find out what and where it's going slow.
>> Simon

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