Upgrading from Cyrus 1.6.24

Cristian Thiago Moecke moecke at lmp.ufsc.br
Tue Aug 3 13:55:02 EDT 2004

    Hello all!!!
    I have an email server with FreeBSD 4.4 using Cyrus 1.6.24. Another 
person instaled it a logn time ago, many administrators used it and 
never changed it and now i am the administrator of this server. I realy 
think I NEED to upgrade the FreeBSD, and i would like to upgrade the 
email server as well... I read some things about cyrus, and it looks 
like many things changed from 1.6 to the last version. My question is: 
What kind of trouble I can have in the upgrade process? How should I 
proceed to upgrade without data lost? Any especial recomendations?

    Cristian T. Moecke
    Florianópolis - SC - Brasil

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