Moved Mail Store

Derrick Seymour dseymour at
Wed Aug 4 10:09:13 EDT 2004

I recently moved my mail store from one server to another, well actually
from one hard drive to a RAID system (Same Server).  I reinstalled the
entire OS and I thought that if I just used a 'ditto' to copy over my mail
store everything would work out fine.  But I use Squirrel Mail as my webmail
and all of the messages that were in the boxes prior to my movement are not
showing up anymore.  I know they are there, I can read them from the command
line, and all of my new messages have appeared in the same directory (with
all the same permissions) as the old messages, but I can only read the newly
created ones.

Here are some server specs:

    IMAP            ? (don't know)
    PHP             4.3.x (not to sure)
    Web Server      Apache 1.3.x (not to sure)
    Platform        Mac OSX 10.3.4
    Installation    tar
    SquirrelMail    1.4.2

Any help would be great...


    Derrick Seymour
    Administrative Services
    Northeastern Regional Information Center
    Capital Region BOCES


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