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Wed Aug 4 22:10:56 EDT 2004

Quoting "Denis V. Suhanov" <den at>:

> Hello,
> It  has  probably already been discussed, but anyway - how do you guys
> deal  with  the integration of Cyrus IMAP and SpamAssassin? Given that
> most  of the users do not have home folders and it is preferrable that
> each  of  them  have their own idea of what spam is and what it isn't?
> What would you recommends? I thought of having a My SQL background for
> SA-settings  and  some  kind  (failed  to  find  any) web interface to
> control  it...  or maybe something like cron-controlled sa-learn --ham
> and sa-learn --spam?

Shouldn't SA be done at the MTA stage?  I do it as a Postfix post-queue content
filter using Amavisd-new and call SA along with ClamAV and DCC, works
brilliantly.  Amavisd-new controls SA, including SQL/LDAP maps.  If you want a
nice easy web interface, check out the Horde sub-project Sam (, i
believe recent versions handle SA and Amavisd-new SQL maps for individual settings.

hope this helps

> Thanks for your recommendations.
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