FYI: Sendmail and Cyrus IMAP - Real Time Integration

Lenny rahl at
Thu Aug 5 14:15:21 EDT 2004

I know this has been asked before (heck, I think maybe I've even asked 
so I apologize right away for being redundant.

But, is there anyway to have sendmail check quota and reject during the 
stage if the user is over quota as well? The amount of bounceback emails that
gets generated from over quota accounts is horrible for us :)



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Quoting Andrzej Filip <anfi at>:

> Revision: 1.1 2004/06/30 11:36:27
> Real Time Sendmail and Cyrus Integration Version 2
> The above link leads to recipe how to integrate sendmail-8.13
> and cyrus-2.2.3+ (the latest is cyrus-2.2.6) using socket map.
> [Making sendmail 8.12 support socket map requires patching the sources.]
> The recipe allows sendmail to reject messages to non existing
> cyrus mailboxes in response to "RCPT TO:" without taking responsibility
> for sending bounce messages for non existing mailboxes.
> Feel free to send me you comments or suggest improvements.
> URL(s):
> * The recipe
> *
> * Cyrus IMAP Server
> * Cyrus Virtual Domains
> ---
> Cyrus Home Page:
> Cyrus Wiki/FAQ:
> List Archives/Info:

Cyrus Home Page:
Cyrus Wiki/FAQ:
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