FYI: Sendmail and Cyrus IMAP - Real Time Integration

Andrzej Filip anfi at
Thu Aug 5 15:48:51 EDT 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:
> Lenny wrote:
>> I know this has been asked before (heck, I think maybe I've even asked 
>> before),
>> so I apologize right away for being redundant.
>> But, is there anyway to have sendmail check quota and reject during 
>> the RCPT TO
>> stage if the user is over quota as well? The amount of bounceback 
>> emails that
>> gets generated from over quota accounts is horrible for us :)
> Yes, Cyrus smmapd (which Sendmail talks to) checks the existence of the 
> mailbox, the ACL and the quota.

But some further improvements are possible e.g. making sendmail pass message 
size (as indicated in SIZE= parameter of "MAIL FROM:") when available.

BTW It seems that *sendmail* has some problems with handling "over quota" 
replies from smapd in rule set 5  [ Solutions mentioned in  based on LUSER_RELAY and LOCAL_RELAY ]

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