FYI: Sendmail and Cyrus IMAP - Real Time Integration

AJ aj at
Thu Aug 5 21:58:26 EDT 2004

I am using this, and sendmail will just queue the message that is over 
quota, is this normal?  How can we get sendmail to reject at rcpt to: 
with a message the account is over quota?

Also, I could not find the solution to the sendmail rule set 5 at that 
link, it actually does not resolve for me.  Where can I read about the 
problem and solution?


 > But some further improvements are possible e.g. making sendmail pass 
  > message
 > size (as indicated in SIZE= parameter of "MAIL FROM:") when available.
 > BTW It seems that *sendmail* has some problems with handling "over 
  > quota"
 > replies from smapd in rule set 5  [ Solutions mentioned in
 >  based on LUSER_RELAY and 
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