cyrus/sendmail/smmapd question

AJ aj at
Fri Aug 6 18:16:15 EDT 2004

Yea, looks like it's missing smmap support.
Here's my site.config.m4 w/ STARTTLS and SASL2 support built in as well 
as smmap.
I don't remember how FreeBSD's ports work, but I think you can rebuild 
them.  If so, changing the site.config.m4 should do the trick, otherwise 
consider compiling from source.

APPENDDEF(`confLIBDIRS', `-L/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/lib')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confLIBDIRS', `-L/usr/local/ssl/lib')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confLIBDIRS', `-L/usr/local/cyrus-sasl-2.1.18/lib')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confINCDIRS', `-I/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/include')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confINCDIRS', `-I/usr/local/ssl/include')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confINCDIRS', `-I/usr/local/cyrus-sasl-2.1.18/include')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confLIBS', `-lsasl2')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confLIBS', `-lssl')dnl
APPENDDEF(`confLIBS', `-lcrypto')dnl


Denis V. Suhanov wrote:
> A> I have a feeling you did not compile sendmail w/ smmap support.
> A> What version of sendmail are you using, and what does your 
> A> site.config.m4 file look like?
> I am using FreeBSD's port, version 8.13.0, compiled with tls and sasl2
> support.   Do  I  have  to  change  something  in  order  to  make  it
> "understand" smmap? Regarding the site.config.m4, I am not 100% sure
> which one port system is using, but here are the site.config files I
> suspect it should (for "sendmail+tls+sasl2-8.13.0" port):
> /usr/ports/mail/sendmail/files # cat site.config.m4.tls
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_ENVDEF', `-DSTARTTLS')
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_ENVDEF', `-D_FFR_TLS_1')
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_ENVDEF', `-D_FFR_SSL')
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_LIBS', `-lssl -lcrypto')
> /usr/ports/mail/sendmail/files # cat site.config.m4.sasl2
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_ENVDEF', `-I%%LOCALBASE%%/include')
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_ENVDEF', `-DSASL=2')
> APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_LIBS', `-lsasl2')
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