Cyrus Deleting Mail?

Andre Nicholson andre at
Mon Aug 9 16:29:09 EDT 2004

> We had a weird instance the other day with a user using Outlook 2000 and IMAP.
> The user got a message stating that "Your IMAP server wishes to inform you that you are
> at 90% of your quota."
> After the user got this message, their folders started to "magically" disappear.
> The weird thing is that there is no quota set for this user, and I really do not believe
> Cyrus just started deleting the folders.
> Have any of you ran into this before?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

I've seen that message before on a few of the systems I've used before that don't have
AV software scanning incoming e-mails.

Complete guess: That message contained a macro designed for Outlook and it cleared out
his mailbox. No magic involved.

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