Extended LMTP reply codes

Andrzej Filip anfi at priv.onet.pl
Wed Aug 11 16:37:42 EDT 2004

I am trying to make exim pass reply codes obtained in LMTP callouts in its 
"RCPT TO:" replies. [I parse $acl_verify_message using regular expression].

I have a few questions:
1) Since which version cyrus-imap uses extended codes in its LMTP replies ?
[ ??? *?.?.?* _text_ ]
2) Cyrus *does not* generate multi line "RCPT TO:" LMTP replies, does it ?
3) Can I assume some safe "upper limit" on length of "RCPT TO:" reply 
generated by cyrus-imap ?
[ I would like to avoid use of "any length" in regular expressions ]

Initial version is available at:

Feel free to send your comments.

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