Solved: mailboxes.db insists on using Berkeley ??

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Aug 17 07:03:21 EDT 2004

> Thanks to Edward Rudd and Simon Matter, who helped sort this out.
> That explains why I looked almost all over the world without finding
> cvt_cyrusdb_all. I was
> rather puzzled about it, since I (from Edward Rudds mail) got the
> impression, that it was
> somehow included in the CMU distro. However, I learned that quite a lot
> of people were
> helped significantly by means of that script. Simon,  can we not
> persuade you to make the
> script (and perhaps a short readme or a man page)  avaliable somewhere
> ?  TIA !

I've put the script here for those wanting to modify it to fit their
needs. It really is intended to run with the Invoca cyrus-imapd rpm
package because it makes some assumtions which are usually not met on
other installations.


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