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Mon Aug 16 05:50:15 EDT 2004

On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, Martin Ziegler wrote:

> does that mean that there must be a valid user account before i create the
> mailbox ?? To be honest i can't believe this because when i use imapd
> without virtdomains this is not the case.
> > This means that imap does not find the user "foo at domain.tld" - I had the
> > same problem using auxprop/sasldb, but can't help you with mysql.
> >
> > Am Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:17:30 +0200 hat Martin Ziegler <mz at>
> > geschrieben:

> >> Is there any HOWTO available (didn't found any suitable HOWTO)?
> >>
> >> I configured virtdomain as described in the documentation but for any
> >> reason there are some problems. For example when i try to 'cm
> >> at domain.tld' i get an 'invalid mailbox name" error.

Sorry, I missed the start, I'm new on the list. I have setup
virtual domains, more or less succesfull. That is, I have no
problems except with the default domain, and that appears to be a
client-side problem.

1) I have found that cyrus-imapd 2.2.8 only accepts defaultdomain
if it is in /etc/hosts, ie:

::1		localhost.defaultdomain.tld localhost	localhost.defaultdomain.tld localhost

Removing 'localhost.defaultdomain.tld' will let you set default
domain to anything. Wierd...? Something about that cyrus does a
reverse lookup.

2) Adding accounts for default domain will/should show up without
@defaultdomain.tld, and you might as well just omit that part when
you create the mailbox.

3) I have reported a bug with mozilla mail client, it can't get
mail for mailbox'es in the default domain. Things works when I use

4) I do not use mysql backend for authentication, but that shouldn't
matter. I cannot confirm that you can't create a mailbox for a
nonexisting user - in fact, i created 'testuser at'
using cyradm.

Finally: From what you write, it is not clear if you have problems
adding a mailbox to the default domain or to some virtual domain.
Maybe include the imapd.conf, be explicit about what is virtual
domain and what is the defauld domain.

Regarding howtos: There is a wiki,,
and see the doc's dir included with the source. True, the documen-
tation is really sparce:

    When upgrading from a single domain installation to a virtual domain
    installation, the name of the existing domain (domain of the server
    hostname) should be specified using the defaultdomain option in
    imapd.conf. This allows users to continue to access their mailboxes
    using unqualified userids. For example, if the primary IP address on
    your server resolves to '', then set defaultdomain to

It would be nice to know if you are having trouble with your
default domain or your virtual domain(s).

Regards, Erik

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