Why doesn't Cyrus put mail into boxes?

Christopher Baron cbaron at UMassD.Edu
Tue Aug 17 21:42:04 EDT 2004

Joakim Ryden wrote:

>On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 15:37, Mike Jones wrote:
>>However, no mail ends up in the mailboxes underneath the
>>/var/spool/cyrus/mail directory.
>Start with the logs. What does Postfix tell you? I think on Debian the
>logging goes in /var/log/mail.log - does it look like Postfix has
>successfully handed off to Cyrus?
You also should check to see what cyrus may be doing.  You need to tap 
into the cyrus logs which are sent to the local6 facility.  I'm not sure 
about the debian specific configuration but you probably will be able to 
see these messages in the /var/log/debug  or   /var/log/syslog   or  
/var/log/messages file.    Check with your /etc/syslog.conf.

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