Newbie Cyrus IMAP on Fedora Core 2

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Tue Aug 17 08:27:26 EDT 2004

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> Im trying to setup a Cyrus IMAP server following this howto:
> However Im already stuck on this page:
> I do not have a /etc/inetd.conf on my Fedora, and I have no idea where to
> add the Cyrus services.
> Is there a better howto I should follow, and can you guys easily help me
> out here?

> Check the file /usr/share/doc/cyrus-imapd-[version]/README.RPM which
> should help you to get started.

I dont have that file, but i did a find / -name "cyrus-imapd*" and that gave
me this:


I wonder if Cyrus was already installed by Fedore? And if so, where should I
go looking for help, where would there be any doc/redme?

Best regards

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