How to enable Sieve Filter for vacation

Sujit Choudhury S.Choudhury at
Wed Aug 18 11:21:28 EDT 2004


Thanks very much.  Getting somewhere now.  But we have modified cyrus
default of 
user.johndoe to user/johndoe, i.e. changed the dot to /

In the logfile we get:
duplicate_mark: <E1BxSC8-0001IL-00 at>
.johndoe+ at .sieve.    1092842175 0

As if it is still expecting mail filesystem to be in the dot notation.

Any idea?


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>Sujit Choudhury wrote:
>> We are running cyrus+postfix on a SuSE Linux box.  We have the 
>> following file in: /usr/sieve/e/example
>> And the ingo.script in that directory contains the 
>following: require 
>> "vacation";
>> # Blacklisted Addresses
>> # Vacation Message
>> vacation :days 1 :addresses "example at" 
>:subject "out 
>> of office reply" "Thanks for your email. I'm away";
>> We are sending mail to example at but not getting any 
>> vacation auto reply.
>> We also have in /etc/services: 
>> sieve           2000/tcp        # Cyrus SIEVE
>> sieve           2000/udp        # Cyrus SIEVE
>> netstat -an|grep 2000 gives the following:
>> tcp        0      0 :::2000                 :::*
>> I would be grateful if anybody has any idea about what is happening.
>You have to set the path to the sendmail binary. The following 
>is from my 
>imapd.conf file:
>	sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
>Make sure you have this set, otherwise sieve won't be able to 
>inject mail 
>into your MTA for vacation replies. Hope this helps.
>			-peace
>Let he who is without clue kiss my ass.

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