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Thu Aug 19 05:38:23 EDT 2004

Guys - 

I'm new to this so sorry if this is the wrong place to pose this question 

I'm using Cyrus-IMAP on the e-smith SME Linux distro, which is based on 
Red Hat 7.3 but customised for ease of set up & config (see for info).  I came across a version of cyrus that 
works on the SME server last year, which I then 'tidied up' & created a 
how-to and made a download available for the user community (its on

I'm now trying to update this for the recent release of the e-smith SME 
server.  Cyrus appears to be working fine, but I wanted to add sieve 
scripts.  I have installed websieve and managed to get it working - or at 
least it seems to be.  It runs, creates script etc.  The scripts appear to 
be in the right place & all the tests I have run seem to imply all is 
working OK.  The e-mails are being received OK & have a header containing 
'X-Sieve: CMU Sieve 2.2'so I assume the mails are passing through sieve. 
However, no rules are being applied.

Now I don't know a great deal about cyrus / sieve etc - apart from what 
I've been learning over a very intensive last week or so - & I can use 
procmail instead of sieve if I have to, but I would prefer to use sieve. 
The e-smith SMEserver is great for small businesses as it does all that's 
needed with an easy web-based admin interface.  I want to use Cyrus 
instead of the installed IMAP server because of the Access Control.  This 
means I can use Connector software from companies like Toltec or Bynari as 
a plug in to Outlook to share folders using Cyrus as a back-end instead of 
MS Exchange & so negate any advantage the MS Small Business Server or MS 
Exchange may have in a Small Business environment.

So I'm very close to finalising this & once I've managed it, I'll update 
my How-To & download etc ... but I'm stuck & need so tips on how to debug 
this problem.

My original install was from these RPMs:

I have tried installing later rpms & compiling from source, but could get 
neither to work on my server & as this version does all that I need it to, 
I'm happy with it.

I installed websieve-0.63a.  Installing it using the 'make install' also 
caused my Cyrus install to fail, but just placing the perl files manually 
in a cgi-bin folder got it running OK.

I've reviewed the cyrus.conf & imapd.conf files & all folders etc look 
correct (see below).  If I create a script using websieve, the script is 
created correctly & placed in the right place (\var\lib\imap\sieve\j\jon).

I've checked logs at /var/log/messages & /var/log/imap/current but can't 
find anything useful.  I can't find any other log files.  Can I create a 
more verbose logging to track this?

I doubt is anyone can tell me the problem based on this description, but 
if I could have a few more tips on what to try next to track it down, that 
would at least be something.

I'm pretty much stuck now, so any help would be gratefully appreciated.

configdirectory: /var/lib/imap
partition-default: /var/spool/imap
admins: cyrus root
sievedir: /var/lib/imap/sieve
sieveusehomedir: false
duplicatesuppression: yes
sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
hashimapspool: true
defaultacl: lrswipcda
altnamespace: yes
unixhierarchysep: no
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
tls_cert_file: /usr/share/ssl/certs/cyrus-imapd.pem
tls_key_file: /usr/share/ssl/certs/cyrus-imapd.pem

# standard standalone server implementation
# do not delete this entry!
recover cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -r"
# this is only necessary if using idled for IMAP IDLE
idled   cmd="idled"
# UNIX sockets start with a slash and are put into /var/lib/imap/sockets
# add or remove based on preferences
imap            cmd="imapd" listen="imap" prefork=5
imaps           cmd="imapd -s" listen="imaps" prefork=1
pop3            cmd="pop3d" listen="pop3" prefork=3
pop3s           cmd="pop3d -s" listen="pop3s" prefork=1
sieve           cmd="timsieved" listen="sieve" prefork=0
# at least one LMTP is required for delivery
lmtp            cmd="lmtpd" listen="lmtp" prefork=0
lmtpunix        cmd="lmtpd" listen="/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp" prefork=1
# this is only necessary if using notifications
notify  cmd="notifyd" listen="/var/lib/imap/socket/notify" proto="udp" 
# this is required
checkpoint      cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -c" period=30
# this is only necessary if using duplicate delivery suppression
delprune        cmd="ctl_deliver -E 3" at=0400
# this is only necessary if caching TLS sessions
tlsprune        cmd="tls_prune" at=0400

Jon Roberts
Westcountry Business Ltd.
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