OT: Postfix not accepting client?

Søren Neigaard s.neigaard at mobilethink.dk
Fri Aug 20 06:39:03 EDT 2004

Ok now I have a question, after trying and testing. This might be a bit too offtopic, and if so, just ignore me :)

I have set up postfix and cyrus on a machine without any "real" hostname, so I have configured it with the IP address (myhostname = in the main.cf file.

When I telnet to it and "send" a mail to it manually via telnet from localhost (local on the machine), all works fine, and the mail is added to my cyrus mailbox, and my client on my workstation (IP: can connect via IMAP and see the mail :D

But... When I try to send a mail from my workstation (IP: using this postfix as smtp server, i get a "Server reports its not ready, reply: " and the reply is garbage. I have added this: "mynetworks =," as I thought that must be the problem, however that did not fix anything at all.

Im reading a postfix tutorial, but I cant figure out whats wrong here. I have not found any log file that can give me any additional info, there is something in "/var/log/maillog", but only at startup, nothing about any login attempts or anything.

I have attached my main.cf file just in case this is not too offtopic, and you need it :)

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