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Mon Aug 23 21:17:28 EDT 2004

I've been brawling with this for a while now, maybe someone
on here has an idea.

In /etc/imapd.h

sasl_password_format:	crypt

This does not work if the datastore actualy has a crypt()'d

Note, above, that it's set to "crypt" but if I use
plaintext in the datastore it -will- work.

cyrus->datastore	result
plain->plain	works
crypt->plain	works (shouldn't!)
crypt->crypt	fails (shouldn't!)

Setting to plaintext works against this datastore.
pureftpd with crypt works against this datastore.
courier-imap with crypt works against this datastore.
Hand tests with crypt work against this datastore.

Cyrus for some reason is NOT decoding the crypt
correctly (rather, it's not even TRYING.  If it were
incorrect then crypt->plain would not work, above.)

Anyone have ideas?  


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