INBOX issue

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Fri Aug 27 19:28:40 EDT 2004

Michael Ballard wrote:
>>                     ERROR:
>>ERROR : Could not complete request.
>>Reason Given: Mailbox does not exist
>> I've gone through all Squirrelmail configs over and over and am sure
>>that is OK, so I'm left with IMAP. I've checked and triple checked
>>permissions to the best that I understand they are to be. I just don't
>>know what to do anymore, I've spent days on this and am fried. :)
> I'm having the exact same problem. Except I'm on Fedora Core 2.
 > My configs can be found at:

This appears to be the same problem I had last week, and which was 
solved. As far as I understood, authentication with sasl is completely 
seperate from mailaccounts, you can have users authenticate yet have no 
mail account.

So you may be able to authenticate but there is not mailbox for that 
user. How can that happen? Well, if you have virtual domains enabled, it 
is posible to authenticate and end up in the wrong namespace.

The clue is actually there in the documentation (I found after being 
clueless a week): Cyrus does reverse lookup on the ip that recieves the 
connection and uses that domain as the domain part to create a fully 
qualified user id. If reverse hostlookup gives something else than it 
should, you end up the wrong place.

There are two ways of solving this: use fully qualified userid, eg. 
user at example.tld (you can force this as required by setting
virtdomains: userid) or make reverse lookup return the domain correctly 
(eg add entries in the hosts file).

See the install-virtdomains file for the details.

Cheers, Erik

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