Setting up imaps with cyrus

Eric Schwartz emschwar at
Fri Aug 27 02:55:08 EDT 2004

Wil Cooley wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 21:32 -0600, Eric Schwartz wrote:
>>Summary: I'm trying to get cyrus working over ssl, but thunderbird is 
>>hanging on connecting over port 993.
> For what you want to do, creating CA certificate might be overkill.

True.  On the other hand, for what I want to do, geek value is at least 
half the fun.  Maybe more. :)

>  I just create self-signed certificates (the subject of that message says
> self-signed, but they're not).  Try the instructions on my Wiki (copped
> from the stunnel FAQ):

Thanks, but I realized after I looked in imapd.conf that the real 
problem was that tls_cipher_list did not include any RSA ciphers, and 
that's what the in Debian creates.  So I added 'aRSA', and now I 
am happily connecting via SSL.  Plus, I now have a CA of my own I can 
play with for things like apache-ssl and the like.

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